Rotating Romantic Candle Holder

We bring you an amazing Delicate Rotatable Candle Holder that adopts thermal rotation technology and the hangings rotate when the candle is burnt. The hangings are available in various eye-catching designs and colors and provide an amazing warm look while rotating.

The material used in making the hangings rust free and the gadget is best for parties, Christmas and hotels, etc. Being a great home decor product, one will be lucky to receive it as a gift.



  • Spinning Designs: Hang your chosen design on the fans. Light the candle and great ready for the show. The heat will make the design spin round n’ round. Kids go absolutely crazy for it!
  • Holiday Decor: Display the glass enclosure during Christmas time. It makes a great table centerpiece. And will get you into the holiday spirit!
  • Safety First: The glass controls the heat to keep you safe. However please keep it away from flammable objects. And out of reach of children and pets.
  • Just The Right Size: Measuring at it fits perfectly in your kitchen, living room, or office. Giving the space a bit of holiday cheer.
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