Retro Gramophone Car Diffuser

 This car oil diffuser in the form of a retro gramophone, with the grey and brown outer shell, is also ideal as an interior decoration during the day.  By adding a few drops of your favorite essential oils, this humidifying diffuser can refresh and purify the air and make your surroundings smell at will. You may feel more independent and less anxious during long trips, heavy traffic, or long work hours.


Relax:Retro style aromatherapy diffuser can help you relax, relieve tension and anxiety. This automatic aroma diffuser can reduce fatigue while driving.

Refresh Air:
This car diffuser can refresh the air and remove the smell. The powerful ingredients in essential oils can remove odor molecules and keep the air fresh. Whether you are in a car, living room, or office, you can place this car diffuser anywhere you want.

Long-lasting scent:
Every 3-5 drops of essential oil can provide a long-lasting scent for about 180 days. As soon as it is fixed in the desired position, remain silent. This car diffuser is small, beautiful, does not affect the product line.

High-Quality Material: 
This car diffuser is made of high-quality zinc alloy and ABS material, and has a modern appearance that is beautiful and practical.

Small size:
This car diffuser is exquisite, saves space, does not block your view, and makes driving safer.