Massage Oil

Massage Oil Our sensual massage oils encourage bonding, interplay, and heightened intimacy. Our silky, healing oils allow the skin to slide effortlessly against the skin and for hands to move freely over muscles and curves. Our scents are earthy and primal - waking the senses without masking the essence of shared excitement.


Explorer: is a combination of the botanical scents from the mint, sage, and vanilla essential oils. A little bit of cooling attributes from brisk menthol extracts takes sexual plays from simmering to sizzling. 

Love Spelling: Cast a permanent love spell with our bathroom favorite. This scent is good for sensual plats, and it makes use of organic base oils like avocado, jojoba, coconut, and castor oils. The addition of menthol crystals and essential oils is especially for mood setting.

Stress Free: Relax your muscles with our organic oil base mixture of carrier and essential oils for stress relief. Massage your body with this scent of Love Me Now Reed diffuser, and you'll feel like a baby.

Serenity: The organic oils used in making this variation are both great for sensual play and the skin.