Cute Cat USB Air Humidifier

This cute mini humidifier is ideal for homes, offices, cars, and hotels. A strong, long-lasting mist will help hydrate the dry air in your bedroom, improve sleep quality, hydrate skin, and reduce discomfort. Get this and enjoy a restful sleep environment. It is a colorful breathing lamp that brings colorful night lights for you and your lover to sleep peacefully at night. This humidifier can be easily powered via a USB cable and will bring a breath of fresh air wherever you are.


Portable Mini Humidifier: This mini humidifier is small, lightweight, easy to carry, extremely quiet, and works with a USB cable. It is suitable for travel, bedroom, office, and nursery, as it humidifies your living space to prevent the air from drying out.

Cool Mist Humidifier: 300ml water tank humidifier with 45-50ml / h spray volume. There are 2 modes of operation: i-e intermittent fog (2 seconds on / 2 seconds off) and continuous fog. USB-filled water can humidify 4 hours in continuous mode and 8 hours in intermittent mode.

Safe And Automatic Shutdown: When the water runs out, the small humidifier will automatically shut off, protect the device and continue to be used after restarting. And the gasket of the humidifier is strong and you are no longer afraid of pouring liquid in the event of an accident.

One-Touch Control: The portable humidifier is very easy to use. One button controls all functions. All you have to do is press a button to set the fog and night light. Press once to turn on / off the mist, long press for 3 seconds to turn on / off the LED display. Make your life easier!