Colorful Remote Control Candle Light

Incredibly realistic dancing flame LED candle lighter, flame simulation technology makes the candles sway and twinkle convincingly. The light is generated by LED beads, not real fire flames. Never worry about fire accidents again. They are safe to use with children and pets. LED candles. The sparkling candle is equipped with remote control. You can select different colors, modes, and the timing function or control multiple candles with one remote control. The different functions make it more desirable for you.
  • 12 Colors Available: You can choose your favorite color with the remote control, press the "multi-color" button, and the light will change gradually. These colorful flameless candles give you a colorful and vibrant light.
  • High Quality: Remote control and color-changing votive candles made of high-quality wax-like plastic. Multi-colored votive candles are perfect for parties or a quiet evening for two.
  • Versatile Color Tealight Candles: Color changing flameless candles are perfect romantic accent decorations for Christmas celebrations, weddings, birthdays, outdoor candlelight banquets, windowsill, camping, parties.
  • Create that romantic atmosphere with colorful flameless candles that glow with the remote control. Just attach them to your favorite candle holders, sconces, or candle holders or mix them with other decorations and table decorations.
  • Safe To Use With The Timer: The colored tealights are equipped with a 4- or 8-hour automatic timer. No more hot wax, no more smoke, and no more fear of falling asleep without blowing out the candles. Absolutely no fire or burn hazard, safe for children, pets, and the elderly.