Candle Care Kit

Candle Care Kit
Our candles are wonderful. But, it is difficult for them to be fully enjoyed if they are not properly taken care of. Our Wick Trimmer Kit solves this problem. Coupled with a Snugger Wick Dipper Candle Hold and a Tray, our kit is created with stainless steel for durability. The material does not rust easily, and a considerable amount of strength has to be applied to it before it can be bent. Its use is not restricted to just one location. It can be used at home, parties, or bars to clip wicks.
What we love the most about the wick trimmer is that it is long enough to reach the bottom of our largest candle jar. 

Benefits of our Candle Care Kit

Wick Trimmer

  • Allows you to trim the wick for an even and better flame.
  • Prevents excess smoke and soot.
  • Prevents the collection of excess wick debris.

Wick Dipper

  • Can be used to blow out your candle without excess smoke.

  • Presents a cleaner option for blowing out your candle.

How to use 

Wick Trimmer

  • Place the wick trimmer on the candle.

  • Let it touch the surface of the candle.

  • Ensure that the trimmer is aligned to the proper wick length.
  • Cut off the excess wicker.

Wick Dipper

  • Place the flat part of the Dipper on the lit wick.

  • Use it to submerge it into the melted max.

  • Wait till the melted wax sets.

  • Lift the wick from the pool.