Bulldog Car Air Freshener

A cool air freshener with an impressive look and bossy design, this Bulldog Car Air Freshener will give perfect fragrance to your car in hot winters, all you have to do is to attach it to your car, fill it with the amazing aroma and enjoy the odor. Available in multiple colors and amazing scents, this has to be your best travel partner.


A Cool Freshener: The most powerful lifestyle deodorant on the market. Without a doubt, this creative and unique air freshener brings style to your car. In addition to their bold and attractive appearance, Bull Air Fresheners create phenomenal scents to fill your daily commute.

Phenomenal scent: 
Our aromatherapy diffuser is not only a cool accessory for your car, but it is also very practical. It does a fantastic job of releasing a strong scent and removing bad odors. We promise that you will love the scent of our air fresheners.

The full option only uses scents without parabens and phthalates, so you get fresh, clean air with amazing scents of your choice. We offer 6 different aromatic oils that release an intense aroma for all tastes.

DIY (Do It Yourself): 
The Bull Air Freshener has a simple structure that allows you to fill and place it on the board in seconds. You can choose when and how much aroma you want. It is equipped with a magnetic clip that ensures a strong grip on the vehicle's ventilation opening. If you want a different essential oil, you can simply apply the scent to the scented donut.