Beard Balm

Sage Beard Balm

Moisturize and condition your beard with our Sage Beard Balm. Our formula is created with special natural ingredients to lock in your hair's natural moisture and help your damaged bears acquire a glorious shine. Coupled with lightly scented cedar and sage essential oils, our beard balm exudes a luxurious smell and earthy scent that can be used as a cologne.

Benefits of Sage

  • Treats beard dandruff.

  • Grows beard faster.

  • Softens and moisturizes the beard.

  • Helps with beard styling. 

How to Use

  • Take a dime size of the beard balm in your hand.

  • Rub it between your fingers.

  • Apply on your beard from the neck up.

  • Reverse the motion when you get to the top.

  • Make sure the balm touches the roots.