Lotus Flower candle

Amazing, wonderful, and lifelike lotus candles that can be expanded according to your desire, with paraffin wax in the center and on petals, these candles are perfect for a birthday party or to enhance the charm of your pool. A long-lasting candle that can be used for 50 hours and have a sweet odor to make your special occasions more special!


Beautiful and Realistic: Lotus Made of good moss. The highly realistic artificial flowers have vivid colors with excellent colorfastness. The color remains vivid and does not fade in water. This product is not only beautiful but also easy to use, it can float on the water because of the leaves. It is perfect for decorating the pond.

Waterproof: The lighted water lily can be used indoors and outdoors and floats easily in water. Don't worry about rainy days.

Usage: The flowers float easily in the water and are ideal as decoration for water games, at home, and on special occasions such as weddings or parties. They give your pool or event a noble touch.