Coconut Wax Aromatherapy Candles

With these refreshing coconut wax candles made from 100% paraffin, aromatherapy candles are smokeless and last longer. It comes in 6 different, beautifully designed glasses. The fragrances are made with natural essential oils and other ingredients of the highest quality. Our candles are of the highest quality and are suitable for massage parlors and other aromatherapy practices.


6 Different Scented Candles: 6 different scented candles can meet your different preferences. A festival of smell. You will surely find a scented candle that suits you here.

Relieve Stress And Pleasure:
Made from lead-free cotton wicks and highly refined, high-quality fragrance oils that give you hours of long-lasting aromatic bliss. In addition to refreshing the air, it also helps calm nerves and relieve anxiety. It can be used to transmit, eliminate odor, etc. 

100% Coconut Candles:
These candles are made from coconut wax, essential oil, and cotton wicks. Burn evenly and do not produce black smoke, which is healthier and harmless to children, pets, and your home. All essential oils and perfumes come from plants that are safe for pregnant women and babies.

Lasts Longer:
The candle can last 30 hours. allows you to enjoy the scent almost all day or a little longer. Very fragrant to fill your room with these beautiful scents. Create a comfortable and relaxed environment for you and your family.

The Perfect Gift:
Elegantly wrapped, these candles arrived wonderfully in matte black and gold printed gift boxes with a beautiful bow tie. It will be a wonderful gift for a friend, a loved one, a birthday present, a gift for home decor, a gift for home essentials, a gift for a best friend, and an even better reward for yourself, even for all occasions. It comes in a 6 oz black glass for an aesthetic look.