Aromatherapy Scented Tree Candles

 With a strong smell and a burning time of around 55 hours, it can fill your home with beautiful smells. Our wax blend is natural, burns cooler, lasts longer, and can contain a higher concentration of fragrance. A revolutionary tree design in leaf and wood colors, these soy wax candles make a perfect gift for your home.


1.The aromatherapy candle is designed to make your home full of fragrance. We use the essential oil of the best quality to bring these beautiful scents to your home. Filled with sweet cinnamon, hyacinth, violet, rose, vanilla, sandalwood, lavender, campanula, vanilla cream, full of aroma.

All natural organic soy wax candles, cotton wick, can give you more than 55 hours of burning time. Soy wax has the properties of a clean and slow-burning oil, it can slowly release a pleasant aromatic oil and thus preserve the fragrance.

3. Applicable Celebrations:
Christmas, Valentine's Day, Spring Festival, Father's Day, Mother's Day, Teacher's Day, New Year's Day, Chinese Valentine's Day, Halloween, Easter, Women's Day, the best choices for gifts, wedding gifts and small gifts are good. options.

This tree candle is not only beautiful, decorative but also non-toxic and safe to burn in your home. Treat yourself or someone you love with pure sweetness. Our beautiful safe candle is a perfect gift for yourself or your loved ones.

Our small team makes our candles by hand. We pour our candles by hand. We pride ourselves on our meticulous craftsmanship and ethical manufacturing.