Fruit Fragrance Essential Oil

Our premium scent oils are formulated for use in making your own candles, soaps, deodorant sprays, skin and hair care formulations, cleaning products, for use in home scent diffusers, scented dryer wipes, sodas for drawers, potpourri, and refreshing mats. They are massage/body oil, sugar scrubs, and much more. Personalize each of your fragrance-free products. Use your imagination to create a scent that is simply yours.


Gift Box Of The 10 Best Fragrances: Cherry, Mango, Coconut, Lemon, Apple, Passion Fruit, Watermelon, Sweet Orange, Lime, Strawberry. With the 10 essential oils from different origins, you can breathe in the garden all the time.

A Great Gift Idea, Or To Use It Yourself, It's Perfect For Aromatherapy: Our scent oils are incredibly easy to use. Put a few drops in your diffuser or air freshener to create a wonderful fragrance in the room.

DIY Mix and Match Fragrances: Mix or dilute your own fragrances with candles, shampoos, lotions, creams, soaps, bath bombs, salves, body and face scrubs, bath salts, and perfumes.

Multi-Space Uses: Anti-stress body essential oils are great for health and beauty routine and can also be used in yoga, bedroom, living room, bathroom, conference, office, home, and car cleaning and care.
Benefits of this gift set: Essential oils improve balance, concentration, energy, headaches, and muscle relief. Offer a scent of joy, love, meditation, relaxation, and stress relief.